EndoFLIP Procedure in Chicago, IL

What is EndoFLIP®?

EndoFLip Machine at GI Solutions of IlinoisEndoFLIP® is a new diagnostic procedure in the world of gastroenterology that aids in producing high resolution images of the gastroesophageal junction in order to more quickly and accurately diagnose gastrointestinal disorders. The Flip portion of the technology’s name stands for functional luminal imaging probe.

Essentially, EndoFLIP® helps to improve what your gastroenterologist is able to see going on inside of your gastrointestinal tract. Not only does EndoFLIP® allow for a clearer image, but it also provides detailed measurements and pressures within the esophagus, all of which play an important role in properly diagnosing a patient.

How Does EndoFLIP® Work?

EndoFLIP® is a minimally invasive medical device. It is not necessarily a brand new procedure, but rather, it is a device used to enhance current procedures such as the endoscopy.

During an upper endoscopy, a catheter is threaded down the esophagus and into the stomach where a balloon attached to the end of the catheter then expands. In addition to the balloon, the catheter also possesses pairs of electrodes.

The electrodes send out a small electrical current from inside the balloon that interact with a conductive fluid to create a two dimensional readout of what the tract looks like. Your gastroenterologist is able to view this image in real time, while also recording the data to reference later on.

EndoFlip Procedure available in Chicago, ILThis entire process allows the gastroenterologist to see each and every detail from within the esophageal wall, which may otherwise go unnoticed during a regular endoscopy. EndoFLIP® has now made it easier than ever to assess the function of a patient’s esophagus, diagnose their condition, and get them started on an ideal treatment plan.

EndoFLIP® from GI Solutions

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