Gastroenterology Care in Chicago, IL

The expertly trained gastroenterology specialists at GI Solutions are dedicated to providing the highest quality gastroenterology care while leveraging the latest technology. Dr. Jonathan Erlich specializes in diagnosing and treating GERD, IBD, and colon polyps. Call (773) 631-2728 to request an appointment at our gastroenterology office in Chicago, IL.

Telehealth appointments are available. Please call our office to schedule.

We offer comprehensive gastroenterology services at our offices around Chicago, IL. These services include the diagnosis and treatment for men and women in the following areas:

Advanced Diagnostic Services

Small bowel capsule study
EndoFlip Procedure
Wireless PH monitoring system
Anorectal manometry
Esophageal Manometry
Bravo Reflux Testing

Some of the more common symptoms that patients seek the aid of gastroenterologists for include:


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